Europe?s Vietnam

Barbara Spinelli – La Repubblica, Rome On the eve of an umpteenth ?last chance summit,? leaders of the EU?s 27 member states are continuing to stick to their guns, vainly hoping that the crisis will simply resolve itself. In their… Continue Reading

Yes, the euro is mortal

Presseurop, Le Monde, Handelsblatt, P?blico and others The European Council cannot afford the hunt for a new compromise in the short term, warns the European press. European leaders must take seriously the risk that the single currency will collapse ?… Continue Reading

A manifesto for economic sense

By Paul Krugman and Richard Layard – Financial Times More than four years after the financial crisis began, the world?s major advanced economies remain deeply depressed, in a scene all too reminiscent of the 1930s. The reason is simple: we… Continue Reading

What’s Wrong with Pakistan?

BY ROBERT D. KAPLAN – FOREIGN POLICY Perversity characterizes Pakistan. Only the worst African hellholes, Afghanistan, Haiti, Yemen, and Iraq rank higher on this year’s Failed States Index. The country is run by a military obsessed with — and, for… Continue Reading

Asia Sees Red Over ?Green Economy?

Analysis by Marwaan Macan-Markar BANGKOK, Jun 26 2012 (IPS) – The just-ended United Nations sustainable development summit in Rio de Janeiro has exposed the discomfort that many developing Asian countries have over buzz words like ?green economy? and ?green growth?… Continue Reading

Adieu Acta

Editorial Presseurop; Gian Paolo Accardo* Slowly but surely ACTA is being pushed towards the waste paper basket. On 21 June, the European parliament?s International Trade Committee recommended rejecting the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, aligning its position with the views already expressed… Continue Reading

A bitter fallout from a hasty union

By Martin Wolf ? Financial Times ?Marry in haste; repent at leisure.? Full of impetuous ardour, Germany?s partners seduced ? some might say blackmailed ? the continent?s most powerful economy into sacrificing monetary independence two decades ago. But, as the… Continue Reading

Greece has won Europe a respite ? now it must use it

Gideon Rachman – Financial Times The night before the Greek elections, Athens exploded in joy. The Greek national team had won an unexpected victory at the European football championships. In the next round, with delicious symbolism, Greece will play Germany.

Respite will be short-lived

Eric Maurice* – Editorial Presseurop On May 7, in the aftermath of the second round of the French presidential contest and the first of what subsequently proved to be two general elections in Greece, Presseurop wondered, ?Which election was the… Continue Reading