Orb?n considers alternative to democracy

Presseurop Already contested in Europe, Viktor Orb?n sparked fresh controversy twice last week. At a July 27 meeting of the National Association of Entrepreneurs (VOSZ) in Budapest, the Hungarian Prime Minister evoked the possibility of a new system instead of… Continue Reading

The coral is disappearing

By Stephen Leahy CAIRNS, Australia, Jul 24 2012 (IPS) – Most corals thrive only in shallow waters, where there is enough light for them to grow. But the rapid rise in sea level, due to the melting of polar ice,… Continue Reading

Loading the Climate Dice

By PAUL KRUGMAN ? The New York Times A couple of weeks ago the Northeast was in the grip of a severe heat wave. As I write this, however, it?s a fairly cool day in New Jersey, considering that it?s… Continue Reading

Wall Street Journal Sizes Up Obama

WSJ A “deadly” article regarding Obama,in the Wall Street Journal, which today is the most widely circulated newspaper in America . Article from the Wall Street Journal – by Alan Caruba:

The Endless Summer

By MARK BITTMAN ? The New York Times Here’s what American exceptionalism means now: on a per-capita basis, we either lead or come close to leading the world in consumption of resources, production of pollutants and a profound unwillingness to… Continue Reading

The Quest for a Fair Global Climate Policy

By Ramesh Jaura – IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis BERLIN (IDN) – Climate negotiators from around the world are wading through a jungle of multifarious vested interests to pave the way for substantive and forward-looking agreements at the next United Nations climate change… Continue Reading