Latin America?s Tale of Two Crises

Jorge G. Casta?eda* – Project Syndicate MEXICO CITY ? If one were an irredeemable optimist, upcoming events in Venezuela and Colombia could be viewed as a harbinger of good things to come.

Address to the UN on Human Rights

By Julian Assange Transcript of Julian Assange?s Address to the UN on Human Rights ? given on Wednesday 26th September – Proofed from live speech Foreign Minister Patino, fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen. I speak to you today as a… Continue Reading

Central Banks on the Offensive?

Jean Pisani-Ferry* – Project Syndicate FRANKFURT ? It looks like a coordinated offensive: on September 6, the European Central Bank outlined a new bond-buying program, letting markets know that there were no pre-set limits to its purchases. On September 13,… Continue Reading

Spain: This fall will be a hot one

By Ignacio Ramonet * PARIS, Sep (IPS) As if the summer holiday were a veil of forgetfulness, the media have tried to distract us the brutality of the crisis with massive doses of collective stupefaction: the European Football Championship, the… Continue Reading

Climate talks at new crossroads

By Martin Khor * KUALA LUMPUR, Sep (IPS/South Center) – The global climate change negotiations are at a new crossroads, as evident after the latest round of meetings that ended in Bangkok on Sep. 7.

Human Rights Education Shows Its Potential

By Gustavo Capdevila GENEVA, Sep 20 2012 (IPS) – The impact of human rights education, a rising star, is highlighted in a short documentary sponsored by United Nations experts and civil society.

Past Still Haunting China-Japan Relations

By Richard Johnson – IDN-InDepth NewsReport LONDON (IDN) ? The 81st anniversary of the so-called “Mukden Incident” that marked the 14-year long Japanese occupation of China (1931-1945), was accompanied by anti-Japanese protests on September 18, which reportedly took place in… Continue Reading

SABONA: From Kindergarten to Geopolitics

EDITORIAL by Johan Galtung* – TRANSCEND Media Service Kongsvinger is a small town in Eastern Norway, close to Sweden, with a small dedicated group working in kindergartens, elementary and more advanced schools to convey conflict and social skills to children… Continue Reading