A Vatican Spring?

By HANS K?NG* ? The New York Times T?BINGEN, Germany. February 27, 2013. THE Arab Spring has shaken a whole series of autocratic regimes. With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, might not something like that be possible in the… Continue Reading

I Can Get Rid Of Nuclear Weapons!

By Xanthe Hall* – IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint BERLIN (IDN) – The latest acronym in the disarmament community is CHC. It stands for Catastrophic Humanitarian Consequences and is the message that the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) is trying to… Continue Reading

India to Foreign Firms: Pay More Taxes

By AMOL SHARMA And SHEFALI ANAND – The Wall Street Journal Authorities Seek Billions From Multinational Corporations; Move Threatens to Deter Outside Investment in the Region NEW DELHI?India’s tax authorities are seeking billions of dollars from some of the world’s… Continue Reading

?A serious warning to Europe?

Presseurop* The narrow victory of the centre-left coalition in elections on February 24 and 25 has left the country without a clear majority. The European press wonders about the implications of the vote and considers the consequences for Europe.

Sequester of Fools

By PAUL KRUGMAN ? The New York Times They?re baaack! Just about two years ago, Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, the co-chairmen of the late unlamented debt commission, warned us to expect a terrible fiscal crisis within, um, two years… Continue Reading

Obama Retains Audacity of Hope

By Ernest Corea* – IDN-InDepth News Analysis WASHINGTON DC (IDN) – Hostile and sometimes potentially humiliating treatment of some of President Barack Obama’s nominees or potential nominees for high office by opposing legislators provides a foretaste of what might lie… Continue Reading

Beltway Foreign Policy

By ROGER COHEN – The New York Times ?IT is not going too far to say that American foreign policy has become completely subservient to tactical domestic political considerations.?

On Second Thoughts

By THOMAS B. EDSALL* ? The New York Times President Obama is pushing hard to persuade Congress to back off from the brutal spending cuts – $1.2 trillion – mandated by the sequestration provisions of the Budget Control Act, which… Continue Reading

Dr. Ikeda’s Peace Proposal 2013

Other News Dear Reader, We take the unprecedented step to circulate the last proposal for Peace from Dr. Ikeda, the Presiden of Sokka Gakai. We do this, because little progress, if any, the international community has been able to make… Continue Reading