Experts Urge Overhaul of Global Aid Policies

By Ramesh Jaura* – IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis BERLIN (IDN) – Two former German policy-makers and practitioners of international development cooperation have decided to break taboos and call in a joint paper for an overhaul of national, European and international aid policies… Continue Reading

The Complete Story on Cyprus

Financial Times, Wall Street Journal Bailout Strains European Ties By Gabriele Steinhauser in Brussels, Marcus Walker in Berlin and Matina Stevis in Nicosia A deal reached Monday in Brussels may have saved Cyprus from becoming the first country to crash… Continue Reading

Hot Money Blues

By PAUL KRUGMAN* ? The New York Times Whatever the final outcome in the Cyprus crisis ? we know it?s going to be ugly; we just don?t know exactly what form the ugliness will take ? one thing seems certain:… Continue Reading

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz Gives ?Abenomics? Thumbs Up

By Mitsuru Obe* Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?s policy of strong-arming the Bank of Japan into adopting an aggressive monetary easing policy has gotten a thumbs up from one of the world?s best-known economists? Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University.

Land and Forest Should Ride A Tandem

By Luc Gnacadja* – IDN-InDepth NewsViewpoint There is widespread agreement that sustainable forest management on a global scale is not achievable without halting land degradation. But this view is not shared by the rationale and focus of the tools and… Continue Reading

The Cypriot viewpoint

By Editors Cyprus Bailout: Stupidity, Short-Sightedness, Something Else? A quick run-down on the impressively stupid handling of the “Cyprus bailout” by the EU. And, before we go on, we should note that the on-the-ground situation for visitors and tourists… Continue Reading

Big trouble from little Cyprus

By Martin Wolf – Financial Times The calamity that has struck the island threatens wider damage A camel, it is said, is a horse designed by a committee. This is unfair to camels, which are well-adapted to their harsh environment.… Continue Reading

Dependent on Venezuela?s Oil Diplomacy

By Mario Osava* RIO DE JANEIRO, Mar 2013 (IPS) – Venezuela?s economic challenges, more than the uncertainty over who will succeed late president Hugo Ch?vez, could threaten the oil diplomacy he practiced in the region.

A Latin response to Latin America

M.J. AKBAR* -The Sunday Guardian Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has not become the first non-European Pope in 12 centuries through accident; or indeed because his genetic origins are Italian. Karol Jozef Wojtyla, the first non-Italian Pope in more than… Continue Reading

Questions from a ?Dirty War?

By Eugene Robinson -The Washington Post They are impolite questions, but they must be asked: What did Jorge Mario Bergoglio know, and when did he know it, about Argentina?s brutal ?Dirty War? against suspected leftists, in which thousands were tortured… Continue Reading