The 1 Percent?s Solution

By PAUL KRUGMAN ? The New York Times Economic debates rarely end with a T.K.O. But the great policy debate of recent years between Keynesians, who advocate sustaining and, indeed, increasing government spending in a depression, and austerians, who demand… Continue Reading

Globalisation Makes Poor More Vulnerable

By Ramesh Jaura – IDN-InDepth NewsAnalysis BERLIN (IDN) – Does globalisation promote development? If you scratch beneath the surface, the answer of OECD researchers to this crucial question in times of financial collapse and its atrocious consequences for the vulnerable… Continue Reading

Whither Egypt (I and II )

By Baher Kamal* -Human Wrongs Watch Whither Egypt (I) ? Did You Say Dictatorship? Cairo, 20 April, 2013 ? Go to any five-star hotel downtown. Enter the lobby and watch who are there. You will see some pure-white ?gebbah? (robe)… Continue Reading

US-EU talks: Cuts both ways

Financial Times* Agriculture is a big hurdle in the world?s largest free-trade agreement High on the range of south-central Montana, not far from Yellowstone National Park, several hundred cattle are grazing under blue skies, occasionally herded from one end of… Continue Reading

The C.I.A.?s Angry Birds

By MAUREEN DOWD ? The New York Times WASHINGTON. Over the winter, I heard military commanders and White House officials murmur in hushed tones about how they would have to figure out a legal and moral framework for the flying… Continue Reading

A free market for CO2

Cerstin Gammelin – S?ddeutsche Zeitung In voting on April 16 against a delay in auctioning new CO2 emission quotas, the European Parliament has blunted the main weapon in the fight against global warming and scaled back Europe?s global ambitions a… Continue Reading