Gag Me With Lawrence Summers

Robert Scheer – Huffington Post The idea that Barack Obama would still consider appointing Lawrence Summers to head the Federal Reserve rather than order an investigation into this former White House official’s Wall Street payments, reported Friday by the Wall… Continue Reading

World?s Poorest Nations Slowly Mending

By Thalif Deen UNITED NATIONS, Jul 31 2013 (IPS) – The number of ?least developed countries? (LDCs), which rose from the original 24 back in 1971 to the current 49, is beginning to shrink ? haltingly.

Euro Bank Tax ?could cost 640,000 jobs?

New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform Brussels, Tuesday 30 July: Europe?s Financial Transaction Tax, to be imposed by eleven EU countries next year, could cost up to 640,000 jobs, according to new research.

The Limits on Nationalism in Japan

By JENNIFER LIND* ? The New York Times HANOVER, N.H. ? THE landslide victory of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe?s Liberal Democratic Party in elections Sunday for the upper house of Japan?s Parliament immediately raised a question: Will it embolden Mr.… Continue Reading

Iraq Invades the United States

Passages excerpted from Eduardo Galeano?s* new book And Other Headlines from an Upside Down History of the U.S. Military and the World Cross-posted with The following passages are excerpted from Eduardo Galeano?s new book, Children of the Days: A… Continue Reading

Letter to Malala

Dear readers of Other News, We consider this to be a very important document. In it, the head of the Taliban movement explains why he opposes vaccinations, western education, and western values. For the first time, we are presented with… Continue Reading

Hitting China?s Wall

PAUL KRUGMAN* ? The New York Times All economic data are best viewed as a peculiarly boring genre of science fiction, but Chinese data are even more fictional than most. Add a secretive government, a controlled press, and the sheer… Continue Reading