Leadership Growing Young

By A. D. McKenzie STOCKHOLM, Apr 29 2014 (IPS) – Fidelis Molao was 33 when he became a member of parliament in Botswana for the first time in 2009. He was the youngest MP in the country at the time,… Continue Reading

The War on Truth in Ukraine

By KEITH A. DARDEN* – The New York Times WASHINGTON ? For a moment last week, war seemed imminent. A day after Russia?s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, warned Ukraine?s leaders against using force in the crisis there, the Ukrainian… Continue Reading

Marx’s last stand: Eastern Ukraine

Vladimir Golstein* – Al Jazeera What is unfolding in Eastern Ukraine has all the makings of a classic Marxist drama. The “Ukrainian Spring” has been a popular subject for all people. Various perspectives have been exhibited: US and Russian, Ukrainian… Continue Reading


Dear Readers: The article distributed yesterday, Crimea: When, and If, the Dust Settles, by Professor Hall Gardner, omits the source, which is the RUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS COUNCIL (RIAC). I deeply regret this error, from my full responsibility. Best regards, M.Dujisin,… Continue Reading

Too Big to Jail

By David Cay Johnston – Newsweek When fraudulent banking nearly sank the global economy in 2008, one former government official knew exactly how to nail the crooks. And he’d already swooped in to clean up a similar mess.

Ukraine and the grand chessboard

By Pepe Escobar* – Asia Times The US State Department, via spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki, said that reports of CIA Director John Brennan telling regime changers in Kiev to “conduct tactical operations” – or an “anti-terrorist” offensive – in eastern Ukraine… Continue Reading