Intervention, evasion, destabilisation

Brahma Chellaney* – The Hindu If Libya, Syria and Iraq are coming undone and Ukraine has been gravely destabilised, it is the result of interventionsby big powers that claim to be international law enforcers when, in reality, they are lawbreakers

OPINION: How to End the Gaza War

By Emile Nakhleh* WASHINGTON, Jul 29 2014 (IPS) – As the killing and destruction rages on in Gaza, and as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Hamas leadership exchange recriminations and threats, key regional and world players must accept… Continue Reading

People Before Borders

By Genevi?ve Lavoie-Mathieu ROME, Jul 29 2014 (IPS) – With Italy having taken over presidency of the European Union (EU) until December 2014, questions remain regarding Europe?s migration policies as reports of migrants dying at sea while trying to reach… Continue Reading

Powerful and Coldhearted

By MICHAEL INZLICHT and SUKHVINDER OBHI* – SundayReview, The New York Times I FEEL your pain. These words are famously associated with Bill Clinton, who as a politician seemed to ooze empathy. A skeptic might wonder, though, whether he truly… Continue Reading

?The Tank Shells Fell Like Rain?

Sharif Abdel Kouddous* – The Nation Survivors of the Attack on UNRWA School Report Scenes of Carnage and Destruction At least sixteen Palestinian refugees seeking shelter were killed, more than 200 were wounded. Khan Younis and Beit Lahia, Gaza?Hussein Shinbari… Continue Reading

It was Putin’s missile!

By Pepe Escobar – Asia Times And here’s the spin war verdict: the current Malaysia Airlines tragedy – the second in four months – is “terrorism” perpetrated by “pro-Russian separatists”, armed by Russia, and Vladimir Putin is the main culprit.… Continue Reading

Move over, big brother

Amitav Acharya – The Hindu The western media has been dismissive of the BRICS move to set up a bank, but such cynicism misses the larger picture ? the end of western hegemony and the rise of the multiplex world… Continue Reading