Confusion over returning European jihadis

VoxEurop, The Guardian, Lib?ration The conflict with the Islamic State is ?jolting the process? among EU member states to reach an agreement on countering the threat of attacks from European citizens returning from Syria and Iraq, writes The Guardian.

Obama, the serial interventionist

Brahma Chellaney* – The Hindu Barack Obama has been more at ease waging wars than in waging peace. He has proved to be one of America?s most militarily assertive Presidents since World War II America?s Nobel Peace Prize laureate president,… Continue Reading

Obama’s Surrender to War

The Editors – The Nation The crisis in Iraq and Syria demands a political solution. Here are the key diplomatic steps needed to get there. Too often in the United States, when responding to international crises, we equate ?doing something?… Continue Reading

A Very British Divorce?

D.D. Guttenplan* – The Nation On the train north to Edinburgh two songs kept running through my head. The first was ?Big Yellow Taxi,? Joni Mitchell?s breakup ballad with its wry warning: ?You don?t know what you?ve got till it?s… Continue Reading

What draws Modi to China

By M K Bhadrakumar* – Asia Times What readily comes to mind are the lyrics of the famous Frank Sinatra song. Watching the “falling leaves drift by the window ? I see your lips, the summer kisses/The sunburned hands I… Continue Reading