Unraveling the Mystery of Boko Haram

by ERIC DRAITSER* – CounterPunch The most entertaining mysteries are the ones with compelling protagonists, enigmatic and often surreptitious antagonists, and surprising or shocking conclusions. Indeed, without these essential elements, one is unlikely to read the story at all. However,… Continue Reading

Europe?s Greek Test

Paul Krugman* – The New York Times In the five years (!) that have passed since the euro crisis began, clear thinking has been in notably short supply. But that fuzziness must now end. Recent events in Greece pose a… Continue Reading

Think Flows, not stocks

Paul Krugman ? The New York Times How should we think about the bargaining that may or may not now take place between the new Greek government and the troika? (No bargaining if the troika basically says no concessions.) Most… Continue Reading

Ending Greece?s Nightmare

Paul Krugman* – The New York Times Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing Syriza coalition, is about to become prime minister of Greece. He will be the first European leader elected on an explicit promise to challenge the austerity policies… Continue Reading

Banks, Inequality and Citizens

By Roberto Savio ROME, Jan (IPS) Every day we receive striking data on major issues which should create tumult and action, but life goes on as if those data had nothing to do with people?s lives.

Can Capitalists Save Capitalism?

Thomas B. Edsall – The New York Times Key Democrats have reached agreement on a set of policies known as ?inclusive capitalism?: a forceful market-oriented economic agenda intended to counter inequality, restrain the accrual of vast wealth at the top… Continue Reading

Greece needs debts cancelled and growth

Manifesto of economists ? In The Guardian As economists, we note that the historical evidence demonstrates the futility and dangers of imposing unsustainable debt and repayment conditions on debtor countries; the negative impact of austerity policies on weakening economies; and… Continue Reading

A debt to history?

GillianTett – Financial Times To some, Germany faces a moral duty to help Greece, given the aid that it has previously enjoyed As the crucial election looms in Greece later this month, newspapers have been full of pictures of demonstrations… Continue Reading