An Islamic Reformer, Lashed

Nicholas Kristof* As one group of Islamic militants was waging war in Paris, another was slaughtering vast numbers of civilians in Baga in northern Nigeria ? as many as 2,000, according to Amnesty International; ?only? 150, according to the Nigerian… Continue Reading

China Leads Race to the Moon

By Jan Mortier and Benjamin Finnis* – The Diplomat** States are quietly preparing to secure fuel for the fourth generation of nuclear weapons, and China is winning. In October 2014, China?s Chang?e 5-T1 lunar probe, known as Xiaofei or Little… Continue Reading

Charlie Hebdo: Some tough quandaries

Boaventura de Sousa Santos* The heinous nature of the crime against the journalists and cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo makes it extremely difficult to offer a cool-headed analysis of what is entailed in this barbaric act, its context and precedents, as… Continue Reading

?Democracy in Europe could disappear?

by Gian Paolo Accardo – VoxEurop Interview with Jean Ziegler In his latest book, Swiss sociologist and United Nations Human Rights Council advisor Jean Ziegler denounces the misdeeds of the ?globalised financial oligarchs? and accuses European elites of not realising… Continue Reading

We Have So Much to Learn From Cuba

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr* WHITE PLAINS, New York, Dec. (IPS) – Earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than five decades of a misguided policy which my uncle, John F.… Continue Reading