Kiev, Moscow, Bonds and Haircuts

By Ra?l Ilargi Meijer* – naked capitalism When money managers talk outside their narrow field, nonsense is guaranteed to ensue. No better example than this Bloomberg piece on Ukraine?s ?debt restructuring? plans, which are as much a political tool as… Continue Reading

Foreign Policy is in the Hands of Sleepwalkers

By Roberto Savio ROME, Mar 2015 – The United Kingdom has been accused of ?sleepwalking? into the Ukraine crisis ? and the accusation comes from no less than the House of Lords, not usually considered a place of critical analysis.

Reckless: Obama’s Advisers Go Rogue

James Carden* – The National Interest A high-profile campaign by three well-regarded think tanks (Brookings, the Atlantic Council and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs) urging President Obama to send so-called defensive weapons to Kiev recently kicked off a surprisingly… Continue Reading