Revolting World

Robert J. Burrowes* There is much that is revolting about the current world and Andre Vltchek, Christopher Black and Peter Koenig are well placed to document it, which they have done in their new book ‘The World Order and Revolution!… Continue Reading

Greece Isn’t a Morality Tale

By Mark Buchanan* – Bloomberg One of the more troubling elements of the recent drama over Greece’s debt was the urge by many to see a deficiency of national character, rather than euro-zone economics, as the problem. Right-leaning opinion, not… Continue Reading

A problem called Germany

Boaventura de Sousa Santos* Europe’s biggest problem is Germany, not Greece. Just over two years ago (May, 2013) I published a piece entitled “The German Diktat”, in which I listed the justifications given by Germany at the beginning of the… Continue Reading

Greece, the Sacrificial Lamb

By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ* ATHENS — AS the Greek crisis proceeds to its next stage, Germany, Greece and the triumvirate of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission (now better known as the troika) have… Continue Reading

A Breathtaking Deal With Iran

Edward Luce – Financial Times THOSE WHOM THE gods will destroy they first make mad. Critics of Barack Obama’s Iran deal have been giving a good impression of having lost the plot. An Israeli cabinet minister described it as “one… Continue Reading

Fatal tests

Boaventura de Sousa Santos* Europe has become a laboratory of the future. What is being tested there should be cause for concern for all democrats and particularly for everyone on the left. Two experiments are currently underway in this laboratory… Continue Reading

The Turkish Enigma

George Friedman* – Geopolitical Weekly In my “Net Assessment of the World,” I argued that four major segments of the European and Asian landmass were in crisis: Europe, Russia, the Middle East (from the Levant to Iran) and China. Each… Continue Reading