Human Wrongs Watch – SPECIAL ISSUE

Baher Kamal Dear Friend, Colleague, Human Wrongs Watch is proud to present the prestigious academician and professor John Scales Avery’s brilliant, timely and much needed series of articles on the key issue of The Need for a New Economic System.

Can Hillary Clinton Win Over the Left? *

By Michelle Goldberg – The Nation She’s spent decades seeking refuge in the center. Will progressives embrace her now? Earlier this year, Buzzfeed uncovered a 1979 television interview with Hillary Clinton—then Hillary Rodham—who had just become first lady of Arkansas.… Continue Reading

The U.N.’s Investigation Wars

BY COLUM LYNCH – Foreign Policy (FP) An FP investigation shows how a bitter internal fight is making it harder for the U.N. to police its own crimes, from corruption to sexual abuse. Carman Lapointe, a Canadian national who serves… Continue Reading

Trump-ward, Christian Soldiers?

Frank Bruni – The New York Times Let me get this straight. If I want the admiration and blessings of the most flamboyant, judgmental Christians in America, I should marry three times, do a queasy-making amount of sexual boasting, verbally… Continue Reading

The Man Who Got China Right

Joe Nocera – New York Times In the fall of 2009, Jim Chanos began to ask questions about the Chinese economy. What sparked his curiosity was the realization that commodity producers had been largely unaffected by the financial crisis; indeed,… Continue Reading

The Lives of Others

By Michelle Goldberg – The Nation We’ve built ourselves this crowd-sourced panopticon, and now we have to live in it. This was a week when a lot of people were hurt, some very badly, by the practice of doxxing, or… Continue Reading

Debt Is Good

Paul Krugman* – The New York Times Rand Paul said something funny the other day. No, really — although of course it wasn’t intentional. On his Twitter account he decried the irresponsibility of American fiscal policy, declaring, “The last time… Continue Reading

China: Weakened foundations

Jamil Anderlini – Financial Times Facing an economic slowdown, and with policy options running low, Beijing’s leaders broke an old taboo and devalued the renminbi In the thick of the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, as one desperate… Continue Reading