Time to Reform the Global Casino

By Hazel Henderson ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida, Oct 2015 (IPS) – The year 2015 highlights the global shift from traditional money-based, gross domestic product (GDP)-measured economic growth to the new models of sustainable, inclusive human development embodied in the United Nations… Continue Reading

Schäuble’s Gathering Storm

by Yanis Varoufakis* – Project Syndicate op-ed ATHENS – Europe’s crisis is poised to enter its most dangerous phase. After forcing Greece to accept another “extend-and-pretend” bailout agreement, fresh battle lines are being drawn. And, with the refugee influx exposing… Continue Reading

The Istanbul Agreements

Every day the churches are taking a clear position on the issue of migrant, justice and solidarity. It is ironic that the country that identify themselves as the last for the defense of an catholic Europe, like Hungary and now… Continue Reading

What China wants from Britain

George Magnus* – Financial Times More than a decade has passed since a Chinese head of state last visited Britain; these two countries are very far from being peers. Yet President Xi Jinping’s trip to London this week illustrates how… Continue Reading

Angus Deaton: An Appreciation

By Raghav Gaiha* NEW DELHI, Oct 19 2015 (IPS) – After Adam Smith and Amartya Sen, Angus Deaton, this year’s Nobel laureate in economics, has contributed most to broaden and enrich our understanding of human well-being. His brilliant and path-breaking… Continue Reading