On the other side of the sky

By Francesco Martone* – Special for Other News Rome, dec 29 – It would be helpful – in fact, necessary – to read with a bifocal lens the outcome of the UN Conference on Climate Change that took place recently… Continue Reading

Anglo-America, EU, the West: A Prognosis

By Johan Galtung* – EDITORIAL, TRANSCEND Media Service Thanks dear Oxford students for the Xmas gift, challenging the cult of Cecil Rhodes–colonialist, classist, racist. He was also an Aryan supremacist, like Hitler but for the Anglo-Saxon variety, against the German… Continue Reading

A Medieval Antidote to ISIS

Mustafa Akyol* – The New York Times ISTANBUL — THE recent massacres in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif., demonstrated, once again, the so-called Islamic State’s ability to win over disaffected Muslims. Using a mixture of textual literalism and self-righteous certainty,… Continue Reading