Climate Doomsday – Another Step Closer

By Baher Kamal ROME, Oct 2016 (IPS) – Almost inadvertently, humankind is getting closer everyday to the point of no-return towards what could be called the ‘climate doomsday’. Now, globally averaged concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has… Continue Reading

Wallonia Strikes at Canada

By George Friedman Geopolitical Futures How one regional parliament blocked a trade deal for the entire EU. The Canadian-EU free trade negotiation has fallen apart. It was destroyed by the Walloon government, which opposed the deal. Since any free trade… Continue Reading

Hungary 1956: a Socialist Revolution

by G.M. Tamás LeftEast We tend to forget the importance of the experience of people participating in historical events. The mainstream political literature presents 1945 in Eastern Europe as a Russian occupation that gradually forced a rootless system on a… Continue Reading


BY JEFF STEIN Newsweek If Hillary Clinton were Rachel in The Girl on the Train, Vladimir Putin would end up with a corkscrew in his neck. Alas, cyber wars don’t lend themselves to the neat endings of fictional whodunnits, much… Continue Reading