Trump’s Obama Obsession

Charles M. Blow -The New York Times Donald Trump has a thing about Barack Obama. Trump is obsessed with Obama. Obama haunts Trump’s dreams. One of Trump’s primary motivators is the absolute erasure of Obama — were it possible —… Continue Reading

Global Social Protection Rights

Francine Mestrum, Brussels , Global Social Justice  At the Asia-Europe’s People’s Forum (AEPF) of July 2016 in Ulaan Bator, Mongolia, some people sat together and decided to take an initiative for a global charter on social protection rights. The main… Continue Reading

The World Is Burning

By IPS World Desk ROME, Jun 23 2017 (IPS) – Record high temperatures are gripping much of the globe and more hot weather are to come. This implies more drought, more food insecurity, more famine and more massive human displacements.… Continue Reading

Rural Poverty? Cooperatives!

Johan Galtung* – EDITORIAL, TRANSCEND Media Service Humanity has had and has big projects.  Mastery of nature is one, still going on.  Middle range phenomena have been mastered, but not the micro level of viri–HIV is a current case–nor the macro… Continue Reading