Trump becomes a punchline at the U.N.

BY ISHAAN THAROOR* – THE WASHINGTON POST               Even the most bullish of President Trump’s supporters would have a tough time classifying his performance at the United Nations this week as a success. His Tuesday address to the U.N. General Assembly… Continue Reading

Europe’s two-faced migration reality

By Miguel Otero-Iglesias* – POLITICO Migration — like globalization — creates winners and losers. As European countries grapple with the backlash to immigration, it’s become clear that there’s a growing cognitive dissonance between the global elite and ordinary voters. Immigration… Continue Reading

Global Warming & Reinsurance

Larry Swedroe* – Forests cut warming better than technology As the director of research for Buckingham Strategic Wealth and The BAM Alliance, I get many questions about whether reinsurance is an appropriate investment. The basic argument in favor of… Continue Reading

Should Immigration Laws Be Respected?

Christopher Bertram* – The Nation If countries want the right and not just the power to control their borders, they have to consider the rights of immigrants, too For decades, politicians around the world have repeatedly reminded voters that unauthorized… Continue Reading

Is climate change making hurricanes worse?

Daniel Levitt and Niko Kommenda – The Guardian –Hurricane season is here, and long-term trends paint a worrying picture –Carolinas flooded from historic Florence rainfall –Hurricane Florence is a climate change triple threat As Florence hovers over the US east coast, life-threatening… Continue Reading

Davos For Fascists

By Brendan O’Connor* – The Nation At The Gateway Pundit’s far-right confab, Western chauvinism is the only idea that matters Last weekend, at an airport hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, hundreds of aging Caucasian conservatives gathered for a three-day long… Continue Reading

Change of era

By Federico Mayor Zaragoza* In my book “La nueva página” (The New Page), published in 1994, I started the chapter on “Culture of War and Culture of Peace” as follows: “A new page in the history of mankind is being… Continue Reading