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Giulietto Chiesa has died, leaving an unbridgeable void

Apr 28 2020

He was a faithful reader of Othernews, as well as a partner and supporter, and we would like to express our grief over his disappearance here.

Giulietto Chiesa (*), the journalist who knew better than anyone else the final stages of the Soviet Union, has died suddenly.

His long stay in Moscow (1980-2000) had fully developed the characteristics of the good Kremlinologist in him: faced with the opacity of the system, never take what is said to be true, always seek the hidden truth.

This led him to launch an extensive investigation into the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers, which later became a film that questioned the official thesis.

He also questioned the neutrality of “chemtrails” in the skies. Lately he had dedicated himself to questioning the advent of 5G, which could have harmful effects on human health.

All this had given him the image of “plotter”, which, together with his constant denunciation of a very obsolete political system, had somehow marginalised him from the Italian information system.
Now that he is dead, everyone recognises that he was a great journalist, the author of best-selling books.

Here I would like to recall two of Giulietto’s characteristics: great enthusiasm for life and, exceedingly rare, a capacity for creating structures to improve information and politics.

He convinced former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to create the World Political Forum, which brought together personalities from all over the world in high-level meetings, personalities who made political contributions on global issues, which later became the subject matter of books. And he founded an online TV, PandoraTV, which was the most alternative TV on the Italian television scene.

Whenever he had a project in mind, Giulietto had disruptive creative energy, unique for an 80-year-old man. He had recently launched a movement of one hundred intellectuals to find a new political paradigm. He was a member of the European Parliament and his international engagement led him to participate in international politics to the point of being a candidate for elections in Lithuania. I doubt there is an Italian city in which he has not given a talk.

The system will not miss him. But many people will realise how important Giulietto Chiesa was because people thought and discussed in a world in which information is homogenised and loses analysis and research.

He was a faithful reader of Othernews, as well as a partner and supporter, and we would like to express our grief over his disappearance here. Roberto Savio, April 26, 2020


*Italian journalist and politician. He was Vice President of the International Trade Commission of the European Parliament and member of two Extraordinary Commissions: Extraordinary Surrender and the Commission on Climate Change. He chaired the MegaChip association, an NGO that considers media concentration to be a serious threat to democracy.

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