Aim for seeking advancement for women in the world

Jun 27 2020


Project of SDGs realization on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. No.5: GENDER EQUALITY, No.8: DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH

Mr.Toshiya Sakamoto, President of Charis Inc

DEVNET International (DEVNET), NGO of United Nations ECOSOC, aims for SDGs realization. In particular, Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET, is cooperateing with Mr. Toshiya Sakamoto, president of Charis Inc., in order to reach goals 5 and 8, mainly focusing on Gender Equality and Decent work and Economic growth .

Mr. Sakamoto has accumulated the experience of hair-cut technique in London, England, hair-coloring in New York, USA, hair styling for fashion shows in Milano, Italy and management in Paris, France. Mr. Sakamoto manages 4 beauty salons in Morioka-city Iwate-prefecture with a long time experience in beauty industry worldwide.

DEVNET aims for economic growth and women employment not only in Japan but also in all Asian countries through international exchanges in the beauty industry in the future. Also, Mr. Akegawa said “Beauty industry is unlikely to bring gender bias. So in this industry’s environment is easy for women to achieve good performances”. Mr. Akegawa requested and obtained technical intern trainees license approval from Japanese government. DEVNET has made an agreement with Hanoi Polytechnic College in Vietnam, cooperating with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in February 2020. DEVNET will invite approximately 1,000 technical intern trainees at project’s start, and expects to have approximately 6,000 intern students and graduates in 5 years.

Mr. Akegawa said, “Temporary economic supports are meaningless for true SDGs realization. Better education can especially support local managers and startups”. So DEVNET will implement relationships between educational institutes of each country, and Japanese companies and educational institutes, such as this relationship between Hanoi Polytechnic College and Charis.

DEVNET intends to launch the system for foreign people who visit Japan to study at beauty college working in the beauty salons as interns.
Mr. Akegawa said, “We would like to make curriculums of Japanese language, culture and technology necessary for working in Japan as beauticians at Hanoi Polytechnic College. DEVNET will support them to visit Japan as residency status of Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services, get national cosmetologist’s license with remote education and work in the national strategic special zone or open hair salons in their countries.”

Mr. Sakamoto said, “We would like to make many people happy, such as customers and staffs. Also we would like to aim for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) realization such as resolution of poverty and women job support by teaching Japanese beauty technique to other Asian countries”.

Bring “Made in Japan” into the world beauty industry

Mr. Sakamoto said: “People consider beauticians social position low-level in Japan compared to world standard. Japan has high beauty technique and the beauty industry should be more appreciated. We would like to expand Japanese beauty industry in the world”. They have a goal to expand approximately 2,000 salons in Japan and in the world, cooperating with graduates of beauty collages and J.FAS Corporation in advance. Two interns or technical intern trainees per one salon plan to work as beauticians. It means that 4,000 people in total turn out to become beauticians with Japanese-style high beauty technique. Those who have learnt good hygiene knowledge and skill would be active in the world.

Mr. Sakamoto, who had a big experience all over the world, talked about Japanese beauticians: “Most European people have almond-shaped head, so we can set their hair style just with a natural cut. But most Asian people have spatulate occipital areas and various hair conditions. So we can set beauty hair style only after we cut with excellent technique. Because Japanese beauticians have honed their skills, our cut technique is expected to prevail in the world. Japanese beauticians who have reliable personalities and good sense, and value mind of “Omotenashi” will be focused in the world. Japanese beauty salons are very clean and are well known in the world for their good hygiene.”

The corporative project which Mr. Akegawa and Mr. Sakamoto includes to expand beauty salons into Japanese and Asian luxury resorts. Mr. Akegawa has already started luxury resort projects both domestically and internationally with related parties. He said: “We will corporate with many companies such as Charis on the concept of beauty which has strong demands in the world in regard to foreign luxury resorts.”

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