Heat-treated probiotics, FK-23 contains anticancer ingredient. LFK, enzyme-treated probiotics’ extract, works against influenza, pneumonia and cancer metastasis.

Jun 21 2020


DEVNET International (DEVNET), United Nation’s NGO ECOSOC, will cooperate with Nichinichi pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, in promoting probiotics FK-23, derived from human gut (FK-23), that help immune enhancement and have anticancer effects, and Probiotics’s extract LFK, which works against influenza, pneumonia and metastasis.

Why and how did Nichinichi pharmaceutical develop them?

Mr. Takashi Shimada, Ph.D., Nichinichi pharmaceutical’s director (left) and Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET (right)

Mr. Yasuo Kawai, Ph.D., who noticed heat-treated probiotics “Enterococcus faecalis” derived from human gut, became Nichinichi’s pharmaceutical Laboratory director in 1987. Researches in collaboration with medical organizations and universities have shown that FK-23 has effects to reduce the blood cholesterol level.

Then, they achieved research outcome of anti-tumor and High blood pressure’s improvement in collaboration with Mr. Hirotoshi Morii, DMSc, Osaka University’s Professor, and Mr. Sadatoshi Kumagai, Dr.Eng, Osaka City University’s Professor. FK-23 has 5 patents and LFK has 6 patents in Japan.

5 patents of probiotics FK-23

(1) Immune System activating : Animal trial has shown that FK-23 improves leukocytes function, increases leukocytes number, and activates Immune System.
(2) Anti-tumor: Animal trial has shown it prevents breast cancer to grow,
(3) Suppression of anticancer medications side effects: Animal trial has shown it prevents renal function’s problems, it fast improves leukocytes number and suppresses anticancer medications side effects. Also, researches have shown it has effect on (4) Anti-pathogenic infection, (5) Liver functions improvement in hepatitis C.

6 patents of Probiotics extract LFK

(1) Anti-Influenza and pneumonia : The collaboration with Hokkaido University has shown that LFK inhibits lungs inflammation and prevents severe illness and death caused by Influenza.
(2) Anti- allergies: The clinical trial of Japan Red Cross Wakayama center has shown that LFK helps against cedar pollinosis and rhinitis. Also, Clinical trials has shown effects of (3) Anti- High blood pressure (2 patents), (4) Anti-mottled skin, (5) Anti-rosacea.

Difference from General Probiotics

General Probiotics that reaches gut as viable bacteria can regulate intestines functions very well. On the other hand, Mr. Takashi Shimada, Ph.D., Nichinichi pharmaceutical’s director, said, “Heat-treated probiotics FK-23 (Enterococcus faecalis) enhances the immune-activating effect up to three-fold compared to the same kind of viable bacteria. FK-23 contains approximately 4000 billion of bacterial cells per 1 gram, because of powderization”.

Aim for market expansion into Asia

Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET, who is making a future concept, said, “We would like to expand them into Asian market where the economy is growing and people are highly interested in preventive medicine”.
In Addition, Mr. Takayuki Nishizawa, an assistant manager of Tokyo sales division of Nichinichi pharmaceutical, said, “We can expand them for the nations conveniently, because they can be stored for quite a while. We would like to make many people use Japanese superior technology in the world”.

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