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Personal Reflections on Exposing the Myths of Money

Nov 6 2020

By Hazel Henderson* – Ethical Markets Media

Today the money meme rules our lives and social interactions in most societies on Earth. How did this happen? I studied all the economics textbooks of every perspective from the Austrian “laissez-faire” market fundamentalists to Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, (1776) and his earlier Theory of Moral Sentiments, (1759), as well as Karl Marx, who claimed not to be an economist. From Karl Polanyi’s broader views, I learned that trading was innate in human behavior and how indigenous peoples in the South Pacific traded shells in their canoe travels and visits among these islands in “Primitive, Archaic and Modern Economics, (1968). In Polanyi’s “The Great Transformation, (1944), I learned how traditional societies and local market norms in communitarian village life were over-ruled by legislation in the British parliament which created national markets and facilitated global trade and colonial exploitation as these markets expanded. I was fortunate to know Polanyi personally and visited his wife Ilona at their home in Toronto.  My efforts to expose this historic story and its contemporary outcomes began with “Creating Alternative Futures: The End of Economics” (1978, 1996, 2014).  And “The Politics of the Solar Age” (1981, 1988), now in 800 libraries in 20 languages.


*Hazel Henderson, author of ”Mapping the Global Transition to  the Solar Age” and other books in 800 libraries worldwide in over 20  languages, is CEO of Ethical Markets Media Certified B. Corporation, producer of  “Transforming Finance” TV series and publishers of the Green Transition Scoreboard


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