About us

Other News is a nonprofit organization launched in 2008 in order to provide information on global issues to a group of international civil servants, academics and social activists. Since then, the number of subscribers has grown to over 10,000, and during those 10 years the feedback from users has helped shape the Other News of today. When Other News started, the world was a very different place: multilateralism, international cooperation, peace and development were the bases for international cooperation. That has all changed and a new set of values is taking the world in a totally different direction.

Other News intends to provide its members and readers with opinions, analyses and comments that can contribute to a global view on the disconnected and contradictory events of our time. It is not a service intended for the unconcerned citizen. It requires demanding and detailed reading by those who want to follow trends in the increasingly complex reality we are now living. It is a service for giving readers what they will not find in the mainstream media. It is a service against fake news and the use of information as a commodity and partisan tool.

From the outset, the founder of Other News relinquished ownership of the service and opened its doors to all like-minded people, creating a common project. Other News is as an association of members who are equal owners of a non-profit organisation, electing their governance in an accountable and transparent way. Any reader can become an owner of Other News and take part in the ongoing the debate on editorial criteria, approach to global issues and governance of the association. Other News is a social movement of people dedicated to the idea of information as an instrument for a better world.

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Other News believes that it is useful to offer its readers a daily service that allows them to access to news and opinion that they will not find in their local newspapers but which they might wish to read as citizens who care about a world free from the pernicious effects of today’s globalisation.

As a non-profit and completely independent organisation, Other News offers its service for free in two languages: English and Spanish. Readers should be aware, however, that the two services rarely coincide, given the lack of resources which does not allow for a translation service from one language to the other.

Other News publishes material that has already been published in the press or by institutions such as research centres, universities and think tanks, and therefore carries clearly identifiable authorship.

Exceptionally, we publish contributions from our readers that have not been published in other media and only when the editorial board of Other News is certain about the professionalism and identity of the author.

Other News aims to secure plurality of sources, with the goal of leaving final judgment of contributions to its readers.

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The Other News association is in continuous expansion and any reader can become a member on the understanding that, under its statutes, Other News cannot offer any form of compensation.

Statutes of the Other News Association

The association can, however, receive voluntary donations and any reader wishing to make a donation can send their contribution to Other News at the following bank account:

Othernews Organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale
UNICREDIT, Via del Corso – Agenzia 30070
IBAN: IT 66 W 02008 05181 000400833413

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The headquarters of the Other News Association is in Via Panisperna 207, Rome, 00186 Italy.
Tel: +39 348 404 1293

Email: othernews.info@gmail.com

The editorial headquarters of Other News is in Rua Eduarda Lapa, 2, R\C esq. 2765-526 S. Pedro do Estoril, Portugal.
Tel: +351 21 4688785. Email: othernews@netcabo.pt

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Other News has a network of collaborators who send suggestions for material to publish from their home countries.

Among them we would like to mention Chakravarthi Raghavan, former Editor-in-Chief of Press Trust of India (PTI), with a long and important professional career. He is now based in Geneva and is a recognised specialist in international trade and development issues.