Heat-treated probiotics, FK-23 contains anticancer ingredient. LFK, enzyme-treated probiotics’ extract, works against influenza, pneumonia and cancer metastasis.

by DEVNET JAPAN DEVNET International (DEVNET), United Nation’s NGO ECOSOC, will cooperate with Nichinichi pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, in promoting probiotics FK-23, derived from human gut (FK-23), that help immune enhancement and have anticancer effects, and Probiotics’s extract LFK, which works… Continue Reading

Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET INTERNATIONAL

by DEVNET JAPAN In March 2013, I established Devnet Tokyo, now Devnet Japan, as the East Asian country’s sole branch of Devnet International, which, since 1995, enjoys a Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Before… Continue Reading