DEVNET – Denuclearization: From Civilization of Power based on Domination To Civilization of Harmony based on Solidarity

Mitsuhei Murata, Former Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation

The world is confronted with increasingly devastating natural disasters and faces with a serious crisis caused by the universally prevalent lack of ethics. Ancient Greek Philosopher Platon warned, that unless all kings are philosophers, humanity could not be liberated from miseries. Indeed, we owe greatly to such philosophers as Charlie Chaplin and Saint-Exupéry whose remarks are as follows; “We think too much and feel too little; more than cleverness, we need gentleness and kindness.”(Chaplin) “We can see what is important, not with our eyes, but, only with our heart.” (Saint-Exupéry) 

Based on the realization of the importance of philosophy, I have recently sent out the following teachings of philosophy, namely, 1.the will of heavens and the earth that protects humanity and the earth; 2.the law of history that does not allow immorality to last indefinitely; 3.the heavenly net of Chinese philosopher Laozi that does not allow all evils from escaping punishment. 

It is increasingly evident that the very cause of the crisis confronting the whole world is the lack of ethics. The UN ethics summit whose trinity goals are the establishment of global ethics, the shift of the current paternal civilization to a maternal one, and the ultimate denuclearization.  The origin of the maternal civilization is the Joumon civilization that has given birth to 14000years of peace in Japan! 

Maternal culture whose characteristics are harmony, solidarity and compassion, is the key to the solutions of all existing conflicts in the world and it is indispensable to realize the vision of “a World without Nuclear Weapons”. The universality of maternal culture is shown in such words as Mother Nature and Mother Earth. 

I have reached the conclusion that various conflicts menacing the world cannot be solved without the spirit of maternal culture. The International Community should start calling on all conflicting parties to realize this. Their decision making should be guided by maternal thinking. When we think of the ultimate forms of struggle, nuclear war or nuclear terrorism for instance, we cannot deny that the present civilization of power based on confrontation is headed for catastrophe. We urgently need to replace it with a civilization of harmony based on solidarity and ethics.

I hasten to send to you a new important suggestion concerning a new approach to denuclearization. We should consider the departure from nuclear reactors as prerequisite to denuclearization. In view of a civilization of harmony based on solidarity and ethics, the movement for denuclearization and that calling for banning nuclear reactors should be combined and be made visible and more convincing.