International activists call on UN leaders in forthcoming Summit in Montreal to act once and for all for Humanity and the Planet!   

By Frank Bracho*
On a Public Open Universal Plead, they call on the Montreal Summit to fully deliver on what the earlier UN Summits in Glasgow and Sharm El Sheik have utterly fallen short! …
More responsible and audacious substantial actions -and no more empty acrobatic technical accords, is what the deeply troubled and pressed Planet & World are waiting for!!
The urging group of activists also proposes that the face-to-face Montreal Summit -a unique opportunity after the “long bizarre international seclusion of the mad pandemic”; and also an emblematic plural event by counting on Canada and China as conveners-organizers and animators (an “unlikely” but “much needed alliance”) -along with the UN and a significant flock of world civil society- embrace “a much wider agenda” -reflective of current integral major world challenges AND opportunities (all, amongst them closely interrelated)
Such as; in addition to the mamooth pressing Environmental Crisis (embodying not just climate’s, but also the mad destruction of Biodiversity and contamination -the original focus of Montreal’s)…also: ii) The -related- integral Health Crisis iii) The current frenziness of Violence, conflicts and wars all over iv) Rampant Corruption and increasingly dangerous “mafia reigning cultures” roaming loose. v) Much more urgent resorting to the “language of the Hearts and Art” to recoup /instill brotherhood an responsible cooperation! (as a prelude to “a new World Forum or Space of Re-Encounter for Fraternity and Solidarity” ! -in place of so many much deviated and run amok cold and disfunctional insensible “institutions Today” !
The urgent preservation of the sacred dignity and integrity of all -interconnected- Life should re-bind us, All, today as the chief pressing major Task !
The urging diverse qualified international group (amongst which may be found people as:
–Frank Bracho, former Ambassador to India, activist and co-promoter of urgent Dialogue of Civilizations for healing and peace
–Chico Whitaker, 2006 RAL awardee, and co- founder of the World Social Forum
–Roberto Savio, noted international communicator and activist, and founder of Inter Press Service
— Don Trent, Four Arrows, US Native Cherokee-descendant, noted world scholar and activist for peace with nature and amongst humans salvation of all natural Life -as something sacred…
–Come Carpentier, noted French-Indian scholar, editor, and AsianEuro-based promoter and activist of international Dialogue of Civilizations…
–Hernan Lucena, Coordinator and acitivist of Center of Latín American Relations with African & Asia, from Universidad de los Andes, Mérida
— Rebeca Sánchez, former Ambassador to Unesco, noted promoter of the dialogue of civilizations for greater world understanding and peace)…is also engaged at the moment on the auspicing of the holding of “an extraordinary select and autonomous international compact “Round Table” with the indigenous wise elders of Serra Nevada of Gowindúa/Santa Marta, in Colombia..
.An emblematic and exemplary treasure of Tropical Biodiversity and Wisdom (“Out of Colombia for the whole world !”)
For the re-launching -from the Heart and the Spirit of wilderness- of “a renewed practical cooperation of civilizations, for the healing peace and salvation of Humanity and the Planet….Very much along the formerly spoused guidelines and precepts !! …A proposal that has been lauded by all! -for its high contents and agenda ! (On its way…but that it is still awaiting for its necessary “logistical” putting together at the moment).
For indeed, and in sum, as the major guiding mottos say to all of us: “We are the ones we have been waiting for !”…and: “Tomorrow is Today !”
*Frank Bracho has authored, co-authored or co-edited about 12 books in the fields of alternative economics and social and environmental policy. He has been advisor to several ministers and presidents of Venezuela, in international and national affairs, through various governments; as well as delegate of his country in various forums or international organizations; and international civil servant. Former Venezuelan Ambassador to India.