“Build Resistance not Walls – a reader for a World without Walls”

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 9 2019

Book release

On the occasion of November 9, the Palestinian Stop the Wall Campaign releases “Build Resistance Not Walls – a reader for a World without Walls”, a collection of essays and interview that presents in 33 contributions in depth analysis and research on the phenomena as well as experiences from the struggles against the walls.

Please see: http://book.stopthewall.org (English) http://antologia.stopthewall.org (Spanish)

This unique and timely compilation, edited by the Palestinian Stop the Wall Campaign, is the result of three years of discussions with academics and movements and on the ground efforts to connect struggles against walls across the globe. Intellectuals, investigative journalists and grassroots activists from Palestine, Israel, Mexico, the United States, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Basque Country, Morocco, the Western Sahara, Brazil, Argentina, India and Kashmir share their views and visions. They highlight ways to build the necessary strength to, eventually, truly overcome the walls of oppression.

Walls have been effectively a political taboo for a long time. The process of legitimization and rise of walls as a geo- and sociopolitical tool coincides with Israel’s construction of its wall in occupied Palestinian territory. The US president’s Donald Trump’s infamous comment that “Bibi Netanyahu told me the wall works” points a spotlight on a more complex dynamic. Over the last decade, the rising right wing forces across the world from India’s Modi to Donald Trump consider Israel and its walls a model for supremacist and exclusionary policies.

This reader unearths the connections between the walls around the globe and, in a last chapter that collects diverse initiatives undertaken as part of the call for a World without Walls given out by Palestinian and Mexican movements in 2017 and by now endorsed by over 400 movements and networks across the globe, gives inspiration and ideas for all those that want to stand together in order to turn the tide.

November 9 is since 2017 as well the Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls. During the weekend dozens of activities are taking place across the globe – from Malaysia to California – to mark the day and call for an effective end of walls of injustice.

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