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OtherNews was launched in 2008 in order to provide information on global issues to a group of international civil servants, academicians and social activists. Since then, the number of subscribers has grown to over 10,000 and during those 10 years the feedback from users has helped shape today’s OtherNews. When OtherNews started, the world was a very different place: multilateralism, international cooperation, peace and development were the bases for international relationships. Unfortunately, the situation has changed and a new set of values is taking the world in a totally different direction.

The Othernews Task Force, core of the organisation, iis the team engaged in the challenge to expand OtherNews and make it part of an international network of similar organisations worldwide taking the important pledge to disseminate true information in order to make global citizens aware of what is really going on.

IIn 2017, OtherNews founder Roberto Savio renounced ownership of the service in the name of democracy and opened its doors to all like-minded people, creating a common project. OtherNews is an association of members who are equal owners of a non-profit organisation, electing its governance in an accountable and transparent way. Any reader can become an owner of OtherNews and can take part in the ongoing debate on editorial criteria, the approach to global issues and governance of the association. OtherNews is a social movement of people dedicated to the idea of information as an instrument for a better world.

OtherNews disseminates reliable material that has already been published by accountable newspapers or magazines or by institutions such as research centres, universities and think tanks, and therefore carrying clearly identifiable authorship.

As a non-profit and completely independent organisation, OtherNews offers its service free of charge in two languages: English and Spanish. Articles from the English and Spanish speaking press are published mostly in parallel, OtherNews is growing and we hope to provide all articles translated in both languages soon.

The number of OtherNews members is continuously increasing, and any reader can become a member simply by making a minimum donation of 50 euros and agreeing with the OtherNews Charter of Principles. Please click here to read the invitation letter from Founder and President Roberto Savio

However, any extra donation by supporters believing in the OtherNews project would be greatly appreciated.

You can support Other News also making your voluntary donations through Paypal

Statutes of the OtherNews Association


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The headquarters of the Other News Association is in Via Panisperna 207, Rome, 00186 Italy.
Tel: +39 348 404 1293

Email: othernews.info@gmail.com


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Editor Mario Dujisin, IPS former Editor in Chief, responsible of the international department and foreign press of the Presidency of the Republic of Chile during the government of Dr. Salvador Allende

The editorial headquarters of Other News is in Rua Eduarda Lapa, 2, R\C esq. 2765-526 S. Pedro do Estoril, Portugal.
Tel: +351 21 4688785. Email: othernews@netcabo.pt


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Other News has a network of collaborators who send suggestions for material to publish from their home countries.

Among them we would like to mention Chakravarthi Raghavan, former Editor-in-Chief of Press Trust of India (PTI), with a long and important professional career. He is now based in Geneva and is a recognised specialist in international trade and development issues.