OtherNews-TheAnalysis partnership

Brand new partnership leads to podcast series on global issues.

Lorena Barberia, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of São Paulo.

Last week’s first episode of a podcast series co-produced by Othernews and  TheAnalisys.News was a blast!

Othernews officially started a partnership with TheAnalisys.News, a US/Canadian online magazine that aims “to carry on the work of independent, in-depth, uncompromising journalism”. 

The two organizations share the same mission: to spread correct, impartial, independent information, in order to make world’s citizens aware of global issues and to preserve democracy.                           

Podcasts are hosted every other week by TheAnalysis.news founder Paul Jay, who interviews experts about international politics/facts.

First episode’s topic is Brazilian current situation: “Bolsonaro has Covid, opposition is fragmented”. Lorena Barberia on July 13th told Paul Jay about how Bolsonaro is handling Covid in Brazil, Brazilian politics in-depths and consequences on Amazon native populations. You can listen to the podcast here: 


Get ready for Episode #2: Paola Rolletta, an Italian journalist, started an investigation on the Monastery in Trisulti, Italy, where Steve Bannon wants to implement his populist academy. She will tell us about that controversial story. 

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July 22, 2020