5 years conservable “LIFE BREAD” can help starving children in the world



This is the reason why 5 years conservable “LIFE BREAD” was born

A loaf of Life Bread expires in 5 years, that’s the perfect aid to reduce starvation
Mr. Terushige Nakazato, President of Succem Co., LTD. (Succem)

We would like to help the children suffering from the starvation in the world”. This is the reason why Mr. Terushige Nakazato, President of Succem Co., LTD. (Succem), developed 5 years conservable bread named “LIFE BREAD”. Recipients sometimes cannot receive the supplies within 1 year due to very strict controles as export inspections, and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services for anti-terrorism policies.

But, Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET International said: “I will encourage United Nations to enable supplies earlier delivery ”.

Japan has a high manufacturing technology for simple preserved foods, such as instant noodles by the Japanese companies, including the Nissin Foods Group.
In addition to them, there are other kinds of emergency food such as dried bread. The developed preserved food “LIFE BREAD” has a good reputation because it is soft and delicious without cooking.

Succem Co. succeeded in reducing water activity to less than 0.8 making a 5 years conservable bread, avoiding the reproduction of bacteria causing food intoxication. But it was difficult to raise bread with yeast with extraordinarily little water, that’s why they kept making mistakes and trials for 10 years.

Meeting with Mr. Toshihisa Tanaka, a current factory director changed the situation. Mr. Tanaka succeeded in the first trial model to raise bread with yeast, kneading flour dough with little water and putting extra fat. Furthermore, they put bread into aluminum packages. That aluminum package makes bread not lose its quality nor safety even under high humidity. That packaging particularly matches Mr. Nakazato’s desire, which is that he would like “LIFE BREAD” to be used not only in Japan but also in other countries.

Delivery record of 100,000 breads as emergency and stock food

Succem supplied 1,000 LIFE BREAD for free, through “WeSupport”, as an aid to Japanese medical professionals who have treated COVID-19 during this spring.

They also supplied for free Kumamoto earth quake’s disaster area with 2,000/3,000 LIFE BREAD in 2016, and they also supplied for free Takeo-city in Saga’s prefecture, Kyushu heavy rain disaster’s area, with 7,000 LIFE BREADs.
The purpose is to support people suffering from disasters such as earthquakes and heavy rain, increasing in Japan and all over the world.

They earned delivery records for hundreds of thousands loaves of breads for emergencies and stock food for public administrations.
Mr. Nakazato said, “We also would like to spread them as stock food for companies and for central and local governments, from now on”.

Use of LIFE BREAD as food aid and emergency food in the world

Food stability map (Labuza et al., 1972)

Approximately two-thirds of starving people in the world are in Asia, and approximately more than one quarter of them are in Africa.
Especially food export countries have many starving people because of economic priorities. One LIFE BREAD loaf has 500kcal and people should get approximately 1,500 kcal per day by eating three loaves of bread.

However, we cannot deliver LIFE BREAD as food aid, and emergency and stock food in the world without a local cooperative agency and company.
We are looking for partner companies and we have already received international offers from local producers worldwide.

Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET International, said: ”We would like to encourage Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) for food aid. We will organise a food storages network with governments from all over the world, such as the Chinese Shandong local government.

LIFE BREAD has a big potential to solve the problem of starvation”.

“LIFE BREAD”’s expiration date goes beyond any existing one. A Business which overcomes any existing one has huge possibilities in the future.