The dangerous abuse of the Internet


The use of Internet by the monopolist, like Facebook, Google, Twiter is becoming a threat to democracy and societies. 

I am giving two documents:

One, some links from  Prof, Rushkoff, to understand the danger which we face;and then a conference by the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, that you may remember as Borat…

I strongly advise to read and see both!

Best regards, Roberto Savio, Publisher of OtherNews

Here’s a link to my brief explanation,

but there are some more complete critiques, such as, or or

Still, for people who have been living completely oblivious to the way social media works, it’s probably a good beginning for them. 

Social media could be a good platform, though, particularly as a place to put email threads like this one. For me, email is a way I communicate with actual people I know. Now you guys – who have no idea who I am – are getting my vitriol in your inboxes on a holiday weekend.