Devnet – Part 2 – South Korea has set an example for developing countries in the world.

by DEVNET Japan

Yoo, Jong-Hae – Former Dean of Graduate School of Public Administration – Professor Emeritus of Yonsei University

Beginning with the adversity of the 36 years of grief during the Japanese Empire’s occupation, which lost the country, it became a developed country from the poorest country in the world in just 70 years amid the tragic ruins of the North-South division and the 6.25 War (Korean War). People around the world are surprised to see South Korea, which has achieved industrialization and democratization at the same time in this short period of time and has grown rapidly to become the world’s seventh largest exporter.

Multiple factors acted to realize the amazing “Miracle on the Han River”. The noble dedication of the Independent warriors and the pioneers who were active at home and abroad under Japanese rule and the sacrifices of many military officers and the U.S. military and other UN forces trying to protect their freedom despite the North’s southern invasion and communist ambitions were there.

In the midst of adversity and hardship, the loan obtained by the efforts of South Korean miners and nurses to go to West Germany to obtain foreign currency served as collateral for the modernization of their homeland, and the blood price of the warriors of the Vietnamese troops from South Korea. The dollar, which is the foundation of Korea’s economic development, has been modernized. Although not recognized on the left, President Park Chung-hee’s homeland modernization project, which led this business, must be highly evaluated. Under the banner of the Saemaul movement, “Let’s live hard,” the patience, diligence, passion, blood and sweat of our people have come to fruition.

Of the 229 countries in the world, South Korea, a small giant with a territorial scale of 102nd and a population of 59th, has emerged as a powerful country in the world.

Above all, this is the result of the competitiveness of many companies that are at the forefront of industrialization and the efforts they have made day and night. Along with steel, shipbuilding, Incheon Airport, and the subway, the semiconductor production rate nd the penetration rate of high-speed communication networks are all the highest in the world.
In addition to the above, there are hundreds of “Made in Korea” products, which are number one in the world. You can see the excellence of our people from here as well.

Major Korean companies such as Samsung and Hyundai Motor, which produced the best products in the world, are the largest contributors to developed countries. As a world-class cultural power, K-Pop BTS (BTS), K-Food, K-Fashion, K-Movie, etc., which are enthusiastic about the world, are also attracting attention.

In addition, there is Hangul, which is a world cultural heritage that people around the world envy, and the national illiteracy rate is the lowest.Å@Koreans are enthusiastic about education and have a high level of education, and have acted at the forefront with a spirit of mutual help in the event of floods and typhoon disasters.Å@At the time of the IMF’s “Collect and Export Gold,” many people were willing to offer their grandfather’s and grandmother’s wedding rings and grandchildren’s birthday rings, which had been deepened in the tongue.

The world that saw this was surprised that the national character of South Korea was a valuable research subject. This entry into a developed country is an achievement by the people who have overcome trials and adversity and have risen up, and it is an exciting event.

However, now is not the time for us to brag about being a developed country and celebrate it. Rev. Kim Jinong meditated in the morning, citing seven factors, saying that South Korea is already showing signs of backward movement. (1) Loss of motivation to work, that is, preferring free of charge, (2) Confusion of ideas, that is, recognition that North Korea is the 500-year royal family of the Li Dynasty, (3) Collapsed sexual ethics (including homosexuality), ( 4) Unauthorized corruption (including expedients and illegality), (5) Deterioration of national health, (6) Declining population, (7) Confusion between democracy and democratization, that is, people from the democratization movement zone are gaining power I am worried that I will retreat to a developing country again because of the country I am in.

There are a lot of difficult issues in domestic politics, economy and society. House prices have skyrocketed due to the failure of real estate policy, and the inflation rate has risen to the highest level for the first time in nine years, threatening the lives of ordinary people.
It is difficult to feel that the people are developed countries due to social problems such as chronic unemployment of young people, politics that is convenient for some people, and injustice.

Currently, South Korea’s debt is 5,000 trillion won (about 479 trillion yen). The debt per person is 100 million won (about 10 million yen), and the debt for a family of four is 400 million won (about 40 million yen). The suicide rate is the highest among OECD member countries. The Korean National Happiness Index remains at 35th place out of 37 OECD countries.

The Bank of Korea recently pointed out that “the largest increase in household debt and real estate prices in history has made South Korea’s financial situation the most uncertain since the 2008 global financial crisis.”

The problem is politics. There is an urgent need to advance Korean politics. Government and social leaders must make further efforts to raise the systems of each sector of Korean society to the level of developed countries and lead to the substantial happiness of their people.

Everyone must be happy and well-balanced developed country, not just in a specific field. The manners and consciousness of each person must be like the people of developed countries. It should be emphasized that becoming a developed country also increases its international responsibility and role.

Based on the rising status of the nation, solidarity with the international community and diplomatic cooperation must also be taken the initiative. It is necessary for the government and the people to make endless efforts jointly in order to make a leap forward to become a developed country in both name and reality, triggered by becoming a developed country this time.

Becoming a developed country means not only increasing the position of South Korea, but also increasing the responsibility of the nation as a developed country. In addition to the responsibility of the country, the people must also have a strong sense of responsibility as members of developed countries. Therefore, we must widely inform the people that we have become a developed country, have a consciousness structure suitable for us, and educate the people.