The Japan-US summit meeting and the world after Covid-19

Japan-US Summit

by DEVNET Japan

Japan-US Summit
Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa – DEVNET INTETNATIONAL Chair &CEO

1 – The Japan-US summit meeting is held on April 16th at US time.
Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will have the “fruit” of being the first leader to meet face-to-face with US President Joe Biden. However, it is unknown what kind of cooperation the US administration, which puts the competition with China in the forefront, will seek, and expectations on the Japanese side are rising. Prime Minister Suga emphasized the significance of this visit to the United States at the Japanese Diet on March 25, saying that it is a proof that the Biden administration, the first foreign leader to meet in person, attaches great importance to relations with Japan.

However, how to solve the following world significant problems is of utmost concern:

• Countermeasures for Covid-19 with no prospect of convergence;

• Explanation of specific measures taken by countries around the world ahead of the Tokyo Olympics;

• As a result of the talks, the prime minister’s efforts toward a carbon-free society Cooperation with the United States toward a goal of virtually zero in 2050 (climate change);

• Diplomatic policy advocated by Japan with China rising in East Asia in mind Policy for the realization of a free and open Indo-Pacific (FOIP);

• Human rights issues in Taiwan and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region;

• Future of North Korea’s brinkmanship diplomacy, Review of US policy toward North Korea and Background of the first meeting of NSC Japan, the US and South Korea;

• Rapid recovery of Chinese economic fiction Government initiative forcible establishment. The debt expansion at its limit. Rapid increase in bankruptcies of private medicine of concern;

• Europe’s economy plummets due to Covit-19 wreckage. Brexit;

• The battle for hegemony between Japan, the United States and China over the East China Sea and Taiwan is escalating more and more.

2 – In response to the above, the Suga administration is expected to have severe exchanges with US President Biden who inherited the remaining domestic concerns of America First by the previous president Donald Trump. First of all, a carbon-free society: the United States plans to set high goals by 2030 by the climate change summit to be held online in late April.

The question is how much Japan can accumulate the government target of 26% reduction set in 2015. Further capital investment must be made to achieve virtually zero in 2050. How to match the economy which has been greatly suffered from Covid-19?

3. There will be a gap in the security policy of the US toward China.
The military side of the US and Japan will be re-strengthened in the assumption of the prime minister’s office. Then, how to clear the issue of Japan’s re-arming?
If we accept the request of the United States as it is, we will be campaigned against buying from China. Like Australia, China will reconsider of its advance into Taiwan after they analyze the result of Japan-US summit meeting.

4Unreliable allies, Japan overly expected from the United States.
The main force of military power has changed from Army ? Navy ?Aircraft carriers. However, now the long-range cruise missiles are far more significant military threat than each of them. How to deal with China, which has more than 1200 long-range cruise missiles? How to count on the Self-De-fense Forces when they cannot fight abroad? The summit from April 16 will be such a big meeting for the Japan-US Alliance.

Japan-US summit