Why can Japan drive down COVID-19 infection?


While many governments in the world impose lock-down with compelling force, japanese Prime Minister Abe requests industries and corporations to close and people to stay home, but allows them to do it voluntarily.

left) Mr. Yasutoshi Nishimura, state Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy and state Minister for COVID-19 infection control measures,
 and (rigtht) Mr. Fumiyasu Akegawa, Chairman of DEVNET International
(Photographed on 20th December 2017)

Japanese government declared COVID-19 state of emergency on May 25th. Life and industrial structure will considerably change from now on. We intend to recover economy and overcome recession.

Medical experts from Japan Medical Association, Japan Pharmaceutical Association, Japanese Nursing Association and Japan Epidemiological Association etc., and government officials keep working hard to treat infected people and prevent the spread of the virus in order to contain fear escalation.

Thanks to Japanese orderly culture and character, people is compliant with government’s instructions in a state of emergency. For example, many people stay home as per the request. Almost all people wear masks. Then, staffs serve customers through clear panels at the cash checkouts, to prevent the infection in stores. People never forget to disinfect.

Japanese government will approve drugs as a treatment for COVID-19 promptly.

New drugs need a lot of time to be distributed in markets in Japan. So, we could deliver drugs directly to people in need, mostly drugs working against COVID-19, for instance ivermectin and AVIGAN.
Dr. Satoshi Omura, a professor emeritus at Kitasato University, Nobel-Prize winner, developed Ivermectin. We have used Ivermectin as parasiticide. Cell culture examination disclosed the 99.98% effect for SARS-CoV-2.

Abe said, “Japanese government will approve Ivermectin under clinical trial at Kitasato University and AVIGAN as an anti-flu medicine etc. promptly”.

There are some opinions that SARS-CoV-2 has a common point with influenza virus(type S, L, etc.), SARS virus and bacteria that cause tuberculosis, then some researches are in progress to fight the infection.

3 reasons why Japan has small number of infected people

13,396 people have already left the hospital or have been released from the cure (24th May). There are 749 deaths of COVID-19 (24th May) with the low mortality rate of 5%.
Medical experts have 16,352 beds for hospital patients to improve the medical care system (8th May).
Japan has 16,550 infected people even though it has 120 million people.

Why does Japan have a small number of the infected people?

3 reasons below are considered.

First reason is climate. Japan has 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Temperature changes widely through the year.
When it becomes warm and cherry blossoms bloom in March, yellow sands from the Yellow River in China are carried by the wind. Many pollen allergies break out due to Japanese cedar over the mountains.
Long rainy season in early spring, called “Natanedzuyu” probably rinses floating matter and viruses in the air away. It was reported that high humidity decreases infection of the viruses. Then it becomes warm over 22°C, ground temperature is occasionally over 40°C due to reflection. Many kinds of viruses, for example the influenza virus, are killed over 40°C.

Second reason is national customs. Although living in traditional Japanese style houses is decreasing and most people live in western houses, they don’t have the custom to get in the house with their shoes on. People necessarily remove their shoes at the entrance. So, people don’t bring dirt from their shoes soles and viruses into their home. They don’t use handshakes, to hug and kiss when meeting people in Japan. They surely wash their hands after going to the toilet and before meals because they are clean people. To avoid infecting people, for example with handshakes, they use to keep hands clean and take a bath everyday with 42°C hot water possibly to prevent COVID-19 infection.


Third reason is most people have antibody to viruses thanks BCG vaccine and others, taken when they were babies or elementary students, because there were many tuberculosis people in Japan in the past. This is a good point for Japanese medical science. It is reported that number of infections and deaths of COVID-19 is related to the number of people getting BCG vaccine, and BCG possibly give a prevention for SARS-CoV-2. How many countries in the world have almost all people getting BCG vaccine? There is also a high vaccination rate for influenza virus in Japan, comparing to other countries. One of the reasons of high rate of contaminated old people may be that BCG vaccination loose effects by the time.

Japanese answer to COVID-19 could protect from explosive spread infection.

We consider that Japanese 3 answers to COVID-19 above are important to prevent people from explosive spread infection, while media and medical convention mention nothing about this. Social attitude might be important in preventing and driving down COVID-19. Taking in account culture, science, medicine and pharmacy is important to handle COVID-19. There are not only medicine but also many kinds of diets and health foods, which are helpful for our health.

COVID-19 will run fast in the Southern Hemisphere, where it will become winter soon, and the 3 reasons why Japan has a small number of infections would be helpful for many countries. Many people in the world would know that Japan has good methods to prevent secondary infection in the future. We compliment the big effort of medical experts and government officials, and we hope COVID-19 will be defeated as soon as possible in the world.